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In 2003 Greg founded with E.J. Peiker and Heather Forcier. Today Greg is the Publisher, President and sole owner of the company and oversees all operations from his home base in Manchester, Maryland.

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Greg has been traveling the world teaching professional and amateur photographers for more than a decade hosting instructional workshops and seminars. Instructing photographers of all experience levels, Greg has earned a reputation for his gracious and generous teaching style. His workshops are offered through NatureScapes.Net, where he is Publisher and President of the most comprehensive website for nature photography.

Puffins and More Adventure in Alaska - This exciting adventure takes us to the tiny remote island of St. Paul in Alaska's Pribilofs. Situated in the Bering Sea, St Paul Island attracts hundreds of thousands of seabirds to nest in its vertical cliffs, and the majority of the world's population of Northern Fur Seals to bear and raise young on its shores.

Coastal Brown Bear Boat Adventure - Alaska - Join Greg Downing and Carl Donohue on a superb brown bear and coastal Alaska wildlife photo adventure. Supported by the best charter boat in the bear viewing business, Coastal Explorer, with renowned Alaskan Captain Chuck Keim at the helm you will be hard pressed to find a better team! From our private boat we’ll have the mobility to go up and down the coast of Katmai National Park, exploring Geographic Harbor, Hallo Bay, Kukak Bay, and more. Or, if we find one particular spot that’s really ideal, we can stay and shoot there for as long as we want. This provides us with unsurpassed flexibility affording us unprecedented opportunities to photograph brown bears in a myriad of different environments.

Pantanal Brazil with Greg Downing

Pantanal Jaguars and More - The world-famous Pantanal, a huge seasonal wetland the size of Texas, offers some of the best wildlife viewing and photography in the world. We have timed this tour for the dry season, which is typically the best time to spot jaguar and also when birds are concentrated in the areas where there is still standing water. The feeding frenzies of hundreds of herons, ibis, storks, terns, screamers, and jacanas, vying with dozens of hungry caiman, offer amazing photo opportunities at nearly every turn, but the jaguars are the star of the show.